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Service Spotlight: Corporate Annual Returns and Incorporations.


Corporate Annual Returns: 

We have worked hard to implement a system which allows you to complete your annual return filings with us in three minutes from your phone.  Using sophisticated corporate records management software, and tools like DocuSign, we offer big firm level service with small firm prices and attention. 


We deliver fast and complete incorporations to our clients.  We’ve worked with countless accountants and tax experts to develop our incorporation precedents, which we can customize to suit your needs.  We’re well versed in the requirements for incorporations, including professional incorporations, and we can get you incorporated fast; typically within a few hours of being retained.

  • Corporate and Commercial ServicesRunning a business can be difficult, and we strive to provide a wide range of services for our corporate clients to make it a little easier. Potential clients can seek us out whether they are just starting their business or if their corporation is already established. Incorporating your business and maintaining your annual returns can be easier to navigate with our assistance. We also offer services pertaining to the structure of your business such as share sales/purchases, asset sales/purchases, and corporate reorganizations.
  • Intellectual Property ServicesWe understand the importance of registering a trademark and want to assist our clients with protecting their intellectual property. We can advise our clients with respect to intellectual property rights and help them navigate the process of filing a trademark. When we assist our clients with filing and/or maintaining a trademark, we do our best to ensure that they are kept in the loop.
  • Wills & EstatesWhen it comes to estate planning (Wills, Personal Directives & Enduring Power of Attorney) we collaborate with our clients to ensure that they understand their documents and are confident that they have all their bases covered. Our process is highly adaptable, and we do our best to accommodate your needs.

    And in difficult times, we help guide clients through the process of applying for a Grant of Probate and/or Grant of Administration. It is a lot of information to take in, and we want to support you in making the application process comfortable by working on your timeline.
  • Real Estate ServicesWe provide individual and corporate clients with residential and commercial real estate services. Whether a client is experienced with real estate transactions or is completing their first one, we wish to make the process convenient. We do our best to keep you informed, and to answer any questions you may have. We often assist clients with purchases of properties, sales of properties, mortgage refinancing, and transfers of land.
  • Litigation ServicesThough we offer limited services in terms of litigation, we always endeavour to provide the best service we can for our clients when we take on these matters. We mostly offer services concerning debt collection and trademark infringement. We ensure that clients are well-informed of their options in these matters so that we can support them with the actions they want to take. We want the best for our clients and will inform you whether something would be worth pursuing. Often, a demand letter is sufficient enough to get things done, however we are always ready to help you should we need to take the litigation a step further.



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